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Value Added Services

  • Sourcing Services

Jihsen Enterprise knows Asia, we can help in implementing low-cost procurement strategies giving access to best quality resources available. We have reliable network that reaches out to the best suppliers. With our in-house team armed with their experience and expertise will ensure that customers to get the best of purchasing opportunities, mitigate associated risks, minimize expenses and secure transactions for a reliable supply chain.

  • Component Sourcing

  • Tooling Design and Production

  • Quality Assurance

  • Testings

  • Shipping Consolidation

  • After-Sales Services

  • Engineering Design

Jihsen Enterprise can be both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering division in Asia, that transform ideas to manufacturable products. We can help you leverage precision engineering and cost-effectively take products from conceptualization through production. Our knowledgeable engineering professionals draw from their substantial experience.

  • Detailed Technical Specifications/Product Requirements

  • Design Validation

  • Rapid Proto-typing

  • Testings & Quality Standards

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Manufacturability & Documentations

  • Manufacturing Capabilities

Jihsen Enterprise can offer the best manufacturing facilities that provide a wide array of product lines with advanced equipment supported by reliable testings giving assurance for a quality product.

  • Plastic Injection

  • Aluminum Casting

  • Electronic PE Bag (ESD)

  • Rubber Mold

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