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Our Story

For 30 years, Jihsen Enterpise Company Limited has been manufacturing Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses with four (4) factories in China. Demonstrating strong commitment in offering reliable products and excellent services from engineering to manufacturing. Emphasis on Research and Development, Product Quality, and Innovation in Product Design and Manufacturing.


Jihsen Enterpise has been in business since 1987, with specialization on cables and wires related products; it caters small, medium and large order quantities. Jihsen Enterpise spent 25 years solidifying its’ footprint within China, creating direct relationships with Suppliers and Manufacturers.


Now, Jihsen Enterpise is ready to face the challenges going global, banking with the established large network of customers in different industries locally.

Recently, HongKong office was established to provide quick quotes and handle all Customer Service transactions. The new office aims to deliver smooth and constant updates to overseas customers. 

Our Strength

Domestic leader in Cable and Wiring Industry, partner of the world key players with presence in local manufacturing.

Key Quality Elements

• Total Quality Management (TQM)

• Voice of the Customer / Process Program (VOC / VOP)

• Best Known Method (BKM)

• Advance Product Quality Planning (APQP)

• Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Quality Policy

“Exceeding Customer Expectations Through Continuous Improvement with Quality Products and Services that Perform Reliably Over Time”

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