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Cable Products
  • Cable Dressing

  • Cable Harness/Assembly

  • Cable Reel

  • Computer Network

  • Power Supply Cable

  • DB-HD Cable

  • Coaxial Cables

  • Flexible Control Cables

  • Flat and Ribbon Cables

  • Shielded Cables

  • Video Cables

  • Custom Cables

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Bringing Seamless Connection to Customers

For 30 years, Jihsen Enterpise Company Limited has been manufacturing Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses with four (4) factories in China. Demonstrating strong commitment in offering reliable products and excellent services from engineering to manufacturing. Emphasis on Research and Development, Product Quality, and Innovation in Product Design and Manufacturing.


Jihsen Enterpise has been in business since 1987, with specialization on cables and wires related products; it caters small, medium and large order quantities. Jihsen Enterpise spent 25 years solidifying its’ footprint within China, creating direct relationships with Suppliers and Manufacturers. We deliver customized cables to a diverse markets not limited to Consumer Electronics, Data Communications, Computer Peripherals, Power Supplies, Medical and Automotive Sectors.

When It Comes to Customization, We Are What Your're Looking For.

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